Just Got Engaged!

Just Got Engaged, What Next?

The time between getting engaged and your wedding is the most exciting time of your life. You will feel elated and happy after the engagement, but there are a myriad of things to think of involving the wedding planning. The actual planning for your wedding starts right after your engagement, and to be certain that you are not rushed and confused by the many things to do; here is a list which can assist you in making it an easy and exciting time.

  1. Inform the most important people.  You should tell your closest relatives and friends in person about your engagement. It is good manners to inform those who are the closest to you, yourself by phone or pay a personal visit. If you have children from previous relationships, you should inform them before you let anyone else know. It is traditional Western etiquette to inform the bride’s parents first of the engagement. The groom’s parents are next. If you have to inform a set of parents who are divorced, make sure that you inform them all in the same way. It is also a good idea to arrange a dinner with each of the sets of parents. The dinner should be arranged when you inform the parents and this dinner occasion will be where a more formal approach to the wedding planning is taken. Be ready to go to this event ready with your preliminary plans for the wedding as discussed between yourself and the groom, especially wedding venues and date and also some thoughts about wedding ideas.
  2. Tell the world.  After the parents, your relatives and closest friends have been informed in person, you can tell the world about your engagement. In the modern world Twitter and Facebook takes precedence, but more traditionally an advertisement in a major newspaper would communicate your engagement, and sometimes also your decided wedding date.
  3. Set the three most important wedding planning items.Now that everyone knows, it is time to start planning your wedding in more details. The three most important planning items should be around a date for the wedding, securing wedding venues and ideas for the wedding. A wedding venue can be influenced by the time of year you are planning for the wedding to take place. Your wedding venue is also largely dependent on wedding themes and ideas. It is therefore imperative to let the first planning be around your wedding ideas so that you can secure a wedding venue. When those three important items of your planning is set, it acts as a template to plan the rest of your wedding details.
  4. Plan the finer details of your wedding. You can now complete the finer details of your wedding for example, the guest list, cakes, décor and music, according to your budget. This is a fun and exciting time to plan with both your families and close friends. Using a wedding planner is a good idea, it gives you the opportunity to focus on the themes, ideas, colours and atmosphere which you want to shine through on your wedding, but it leaves someone else to do the hard planning and bring together all your ideas.

The period after your engagement is full of excitement, family involvement and plans for the most exciting event of your life – your wedding. To be happy and not feel overwhelmed or get exhausted by the many things that need to be done and planned, follow this simple list of main steps towards the finalisation of your big day.


Wedding flowers for season

What Flowers are Best Suited to Summer Weddings ? Bright Colours that Can Match Any Wedding Dress Complexion.Wedding flowers provide a decorative element to the reception and ceremony. Traditionally, the wedding flowers are used for complementing the bridesmaids’ dresses or the table cloths. However, today couples select fresh wedding flowers according to the season like lilacs for weddings in winters or lilies for weddings in summers.

Wedding Flowers for June

The traditional summer fresh flowers bouquets are pink. Pink symbolizes love and therefore you can combine various shades of pink with lavender and white flowers in order to complement your wedding décor or wedding dress. Consider lilies, sweat pea or pink ranunculus and combine them with flowers like bleeding hearts, dahlia, bachelor buttons or carnations. Pink designer flowers of all kinds are available today extensively. You can also find orchids in pink. These work quite well for the traditional stock bouquets.

summer wedding flowers

Wedding Flowers for July

For July weddings yellows, pinks and bright oranges can be used for decorating the hall and the ceremony venue. Use fresh flowers like orange or yellow gerbera daisies and pink calla lilies. Gerbera daisy combination is well suited for weddings that are bright coloured and include orange and yellow in the theme. Freesia is another great choice and is ideal for weddings in hotter location. Other designer flowers that you can use for July are black eyed Susans, snapdragons and sunflowers.

july wedding flowers

Wedding Flowers for August

Fresh flowers in two tones look amazing in August weddings. These designer flowers will allow you to match different combinations. Two toned roses with orange and red will compliment white carnations and lilies well. The chrysanthemums can be used for decorating the centrepieces as well as bouquets since they easily blend in with all other types of fresh flowers. When decorating the bouquets or centrepieces, consider using soft baby’s breath as fillers around your green flowers. Gerbera daisies are also available in various colour choices today.

Wedding Flowers for September

September is considered mainly as the start of Autumn but most areas around the country are still hot. Fresh flowers in September include a mix of summer and fall flowers including beautiful orchids , dahlias with plum, orange or red hues mixed with sunflowers and chrysanthemums. Mist flowers of purple, white and blue hues go well with the white lisianthus.

 september wedding flowers