Winter Wedding Inspired

winter wedding ideas

Winter is coming! we’re going with some winter inspired treats your guests will love.

Here are some great ideas for winter weddings, or even for that Christmas Eve party your throwing. Enjoy, and Happy Christmas!

1. Mini Reindeer Decorations, charming little reindeer to frolic on your Christmas cake or cupcakes. Wooden and decorated on both sides. Perforated also to hang on the Christmas tree.

2. For the most elegant drinks or nibbles,  re-usable cocktail stick decorations,  Delicately-stamped heart, star and bird shapes clipped to the sticks.

3. These innovative, silvered glass bauble name holders add an elegant touch to any dining table. Perfect for your next dinner party or for wedding guests. Keep them forever!

4. A very striking hanging Christmas decoration with an antique feel. Lots of tiny metal bells, arranged in a heart shape, gives a soft little jingle when jogged.

5.  Branch & Pinecone Garland give your guest feeling christmas.


Autumn Wedding Flowers

Choosing the Perfect Autumn Wedding Flowers

Flowers for a wedding are one of the most important aspects. The flowers will set the tone for all of the decorations that are found both during the ceremony and at the reception. If you are having a wedding in the autumn you may want to consider flowers Plymouth that go with the colours of the season. Some of the colours of autumn flowers that you may want to consider include bright oranges, dark reds, and wonderful greens. You may even want to place some yellow and white amongst the arrangements. However, even when having a fall wedding there is not a set standard for a colour palette. It will come down to your own personal preferences and what you want for your special day.


Autumn Wedding Flowers

Autumn wedding flowers


 Types of Autumn Flowers to Consider

 There are several types of flowers Plymouth that are available during the autumn season. One kind of flower to consider is the Hydrangea. Hydrangeas are available shades of blue and pink. The flower heads are quite large and can be cut down in order to make wonderful blooms for a flower girl’s basket.


  • Dahlias are available from florists in Hull and come in a wide variety of colours, including bright yellows and dark reds. These wonderful flowers originated in Mexico, but can now be found around the world, including from florists in Hull, for your enjoyment. This multi-petaled flower makes a wonderful addition to any ceremony arrangement as well as wedding centrepieces.

  • Chrysanthemums are available all throughout the year, but their real season is the autumn. The common nickname for this type of flower is “xanths” or “mums.” There are a large variety of mums available, coming in shades of wonderful greens as well as bright and vibrant orange, reds, and yellows. The chrysanthemum has a very long vase life and can be used as filler in a bouquet or as a secondary flower in any type of arrangement.

  • Red-hot pokers can provide a vivid red or yellow to any autumn flower arrangement used in a wedding. These flowers come from eastern and southern Africa and are perfect for pedestal arrangements as well as wedding centrepieces.


Autumn Bridal Bouquets

Autumn Bridal Bouquets

Other unusual plants and fruits can be incorporated into your autumn wedding flower arrangements as well. Consider placing crab apples in an arrangement for a unique and pleasant look. Physalis fruits are a wonderful orange colour and have an interesting shape, which can add to any fall flower arrangement for weddings as well. Another unique option is the ornamental cabbage, which can be used as the centre of a great bouquet or centrepiece with other flowers worked around it.


If the autumn flowers do not appeal to you, there are always flower delivery Swansea services that can provide you with more traditional flowers such as roses, orchids, lilies, and gerberas. Just check with the flower delivery Swansea service that you are planning to use to determine the type of flowers they have available. Traditional flowers can usually be found in most colours that you are looking for.